About JD

Hey, I’m JD. I’ve been tattooing for about two years and lived affordable essay writing service with my buddy for about 16 months who worked at a shop, so I’ve learned a best essay writing service yahoo answers lot from him. I stay out here in Newport Beach.

I’m not currently mobile, but if you are in the Orange County area we can work something out.  I don’t work at a shop at the moment, So I’m mobile and so is my buisness.

I draw up most of the tattoo work I do out of my head  so if you polish my paper are looking for something in particular, I can draw something up for you, just text me or shoot an email. If you have a picture of something you want, I can do that as well and I can switch it up a lil essay-writing-service co if you want it a different way or I can do it just like that.

If you have any questions feel free to call or text me at

949-836-1924 or email me  on here


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